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Dugan O'Neil

Compute Canada
Chief Science Officer
Dugan O’Neil is Compute Canada’s Chief Science Officer. He is interested in particle physics at the energy frontier. His involvement in Compute Canada started in 2003 when he was an early user (beta tester) of WestGrid resources at SFU and UBC. At the time he led the Canadian team working on the Dzero experiment at Fermilab. His group used WestGrid resources to process hundreds of terabytes of raw data from the experiment, making Canada one of the largest contributers of compute and storage resources in the 19-country collaboration. He used that processing power to search for (and find) first evidence of single top quark production. He then shifted his focus to the ATLAS experiment. ATLAS-Canada relies heavily on Compute Canada to supply computing and storage infrastructure and has been one of Compute Canada’s early “big data” users.

Dugan’s current work is focused on digging through large quantities of collision data from the Large Hadron Collider to look for, and measure the properties of, Higgs bosons. Within the Canadian ATLAS collaboration he has served as both physics coordinator and deputy spokesperson. Over the last 10 years Dugan has taken many roles within WestGrid and within CC including chairing the WestGrid resource allocation committee and the WestGrid Executive Committee and serving as a member of the CC national initiatives committee.

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