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McGill University
Senior director, McGill University Business Engagement Centre (MUBEC)
avatar for Wayne Ablitt

Wayne Ablitt

Jannatec Technologies

Nelson Gha Achuo

Executive Director

Fida Ahmed

University of Ottawa
PhD candidate

Richard Akerman

Environment Canada
Senior Open Science Advisor
avatar for Nicole Arbour

Nicole Arbour

National Research Council of Canada
Senior International Advisor Government and International Relations
avatar for Bruce Archibald

Bruce Archibald

President of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency
DM Champion, Federal Science and Technology Community
avatar for Jonathan Bagger

Jonathan Bagger

TRIUMF, Johns Hopkins University
Director / Former Interim Vice-Provost

Megha Bajaj

Social media, Media and advertising
avatar for Catherine Beaudry

Catherine Beaudry

Department of Mathematics and Industrial Engineering, Polytechnique Montréal
Professor and Tier I Canada Research Chair
avatar for Cindy Bell

Cindy Bell

Genome Canada
Interim President and CEO
avatar for Alan Bernstein

Alan Bernstein

CIFAR (Canadian Institute for Advanced Research)
President & CEO
avatar for Miles Berry

Miles Berry

University of Roehampton
Principal lecturer for Computing Education
avatar for Cedric Bisson

Cedric Bisson

Teralys Capital

Susan Blum

University of Saskatchewan
Director, Research Services and Ethics Office
avatar for Alexandre Bourque-Viens

Alexandre Bourque-Viens

Environment Canada
S&T Policy Advisor
avatar for Daniel Bouthillier

Daniel Bouthillier

Kaneq Pharma
President and CEO
avatar for Natalie Brender

Natalie Brender

Genome Canada
National Director, Genomics in Society
avatar for Aaron Brindle

Aaron Brindle

Google Canada
Communications Manager
avatar for Hillary Buchan-Terrell

Hillary Buchan-Terrell

Social media, Website, Outreach and PR, Program deveopment, ...
avatar for Amelia Buchanan

Amelia Buchanan

Journalism student at Algonquin College
avatar for Christopher Buddle

Christopher Buddle

McGill University
Associate Professor and Associate Dean at McGill University’s...

Celina Campbell

Natural Resources Canada
Sr. Science Policy Analyst
avatar for Avi Caplan

Avi Caplan

International Development Research Centre (IDRC)
Policy and Strategy
avatar for Barbara Carra

Barbara Carra

Chief Operating Officer
avatar for Arthur Carty

Arthur Carty

Waterloo Institute for Nanotechnology at the University of Waterloo
Executive Director
avatar for David Castle

David Castle

School of Public Administration with an adjunct appointment in the Gustavson School of Business
Vice-President Research and a Professor
avatar for Leslie Chan

Leslie Chan

University of Toronto Scarborough
Associate Professor


Research Grants and Scholarships, NSERC
HFSPO Board of Trustees
avatar for Jeongdong Choe

Jeongdong Choe

Association of Korean-Canadian Scientists and Engineers, Techinsights
Head of Ottawa chapter, Association of Korean-Canadian Scientists and...
avatar for Michelle Chretien

Michelle Chretien

Xerox Research Centre
Program Manager, Strategic Research
avatar for Daryl Copeland

Daryl Copeland

Canadian Global Affairs Institute/University of Montreal - CERIUM
Senior Fellow

Maria Loza Correa

Revenue development, Media and advertising
avatar for Jeff Courtney

Jeff Courtney

Fight Against Cancer Innovation Trust (FACIT), Ontario Institute for Cancer Research (OICR)
Chief Commercial Officer
avatar for Tijs Creutzberg

Tijs Creutzberg

Innovation Policy Lab at the University of Toronto / Council of Canadian Academies
Research Fellow / Program Director & Director of Business Development
avatar for Robert Crow

Robert Crow

University of Waterloo
Executive in Residence, Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC)
avatar for Wendy Cukier

Wendy Cukier

Ryerson University
Vice-President Research and Innovation
avatar for Margaret Dalziel

Margaret Dalziel

Conrad Centre for Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology at the University of Waterloo / The Evidence Network.
Associate Professor / VP Research

Tobi Day-Hamilton

University of Waterloo
Director, Communications and Strategic Initiatives
avatar for Simon-Pierre Demers, PhD

Simon-Pierre Demers, PhD

Université d'Ottawa / University of Ottawa
Strategic Research Initiatives Manager, Co-Chair CSPC 2015 Grant...
avatar for Stephanie Deschenes

Stephanie Deschenes

Canadian Association of Science Centres
Executive Director
avatar for Mark Dietrich

Mark Dietrich

Compute Canada
President and CEO

Nick Doucette

Outreach and PR, Program development
avatar for Heather Douglas

Heather Douglas

University of Waterloo
Waterloo Chair in Science and Society and Associate Professor,...
avatar for Paul Dufour

Paul Dufour

PaulicyWorks / University of Ottawa
Principal / Adjunct professor
avatar for Mohamed Elmi

Mohamed Elmi

Information Systems at University of Cape Town / Ted Rogers School of Management’s Diversity Institute
PhD student / Research Associate
avatar for Catherine Ewart

Catherine Ewart

e Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC)
Head of Stakeholder and International Relations
avatar for Marcius Extavour

Marcius Extavour

Director of Technical Operations, NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE Energy &...
avatar for Patrick Fafard

Patrick Fafard

University of Ottawa
avatar for Steve Farlow

Steve Farlow

Lazaridis School of Business & Economics
avatar for Naser Faruqui

Naser Faruqui

Director of Technology and Innovation
avatar for Patrick Feng

Patrick Feng

University of Calgary
avatar for Christine Tausig Ford

Christine Tausig Ford

Universities Canada
Vice President

Francine Ford

Canadian Association of Physicists
Executive Director
avatar for Graham Fox

Graham Fox

Institute for Research on Public Policy
President and CEO
avatar for Kamiel Gabriel

Kamiel Gabriel

Founding Associate Provost, Research & Graduate Programs Professor of...
avatar for Monica Gattinger

Monica Gattinger

University of Ottawa’s Institute for Science, Society and Policy
avatar for Jim Ghadbane

Jim Ghadbane

President and CEO
avatar for Katie Gibbs

Katie Gibbs

Evidence for Democracy
Executive Director

Karen Gill

Ontario Ministry of Education
Director of the Curriculum and Assessment Policy Branch
avatar for Philippe-Olivier Giroux

Philippe-Olivier Giroux

Policy Analyst
avatar for Ben Martin - Office of Marilyn Gladu

Ben Martin - Office of Marilyn Gladu

Government of Canada
Opposition Critic, Science

Mia Golder

avatar for Andrew Goldstein

Andrew Goldstein

Agriculture and Agri-food Canada
Director General of Policy, Planning, and Integration
avatar for Ines Gomes

Ines Gomes

Policy Analyst

Ariel Grostern

American Association for the Advancement of Science
Senior Program Associate

Andrew Grosvenor

International Policy Advisor
avatar for Deepak Gupta

Deepak Gupta

Centennial College
Director for Applied Research, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship...

Adam Habayeb

Program development
avatar for Robert Hache

Robert Hache

York University
Vice-President Research and Innovation
avatar for David Hall

David Hall

University of Calgary
Associate Professor of Animal Health Economics
avatar for Janet Halliwell

Janet Halliwell

JE Halliwell Associates Inc,
avatar for Mehrdad Hariri

Mehrdad Hariri

Canadian Science Policy Center
President and CEO

Matthew Harsh

Concordia University
Assistant Professor
avatar for Zach Hayes

Zach Hayes

Media and advertising, Revenue development
avatar for Bonnie Henry

Bonnie Henry

Province of British Columbia
Deputy Provincial Health Officer
avatar for Rolf Heuer

Rolf Heuer

Director General

Anne-Marie Hodgson

Senior Development Officer
avatar for Adam Holbrook

Adam Holbrook

Centre for Policy Research on Science and Technology, Simon Fraser University
Associate Director and Adjunct Professor

Kelly Anne Hoop

Policy and Planning Analyst, Research Grants and Scholarships
avatar for Ted Hsu

Ted Hsu

former MP Kingston & the Islands, Liberal Party of Canada Science...

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